Why 9 Holes?

Our area contains a diverse selection of golf courses. An individual picks his or her favorite course based on a variety of factors—primarily skill level, finances and time constraints.

Executive golf courses offer beautiful layouts, with short game benefits and conveniences. Most holes are par 3 with an occasional par 4 along the way. Executive course par is usually 28-32 for 9 holes and 55-65 for an 18-hole course.

Executive courses deliver many benefits. Golfers looking to concentrate on their short game may choose an executive course because of shorter distances, affording them the opportunity for quality work with the shorter irons—the scoring clubs. Most greens can be reached from the tee with either an iron or fairway wood. Beginners often choose executive courses to get a feel for the course as they learn the game. They enjoy the more casual atmosphere, and the shorter distances make for a less intimidating experience.

With national initiatives to promote the game such as “Find Time for Nine”, sponsored by the PGA of America, golf is becoming more affordable to learn as well as to play.

Many people pick up the game of golf warily, rarely attempting to play or quitting the game not long after starting because of imagined and real costs, both financial and time-related. Because of their relaxed setting, executive course rounds can be played more quickly and less expensively than 9 holes at an 18-hole facility. You may even play nine holes during a lunch hour!

Elderly and physically challenged golfers may prefer executive courses because they spend less time in the sun and heat, carry fewer clubs and enjoy an easier walk. Executive courses are usually as well, if not better, maintained than a full-sized course.

Driving ranges are o.k. for some practice, but if you really want to sharpen your game from tee to green and develop a short game that excels, head out to an executive course and play golf!